Random musings of a wandering soul

>Home, sweet home

>Fresh air, loving care and yummy food, the stay at home was too short. Back in the city for about a month and still trying to get back into the groove. Going back is impractical I know, but the longing is too much sometimes. But then, we always long for what we cannot have or what we have lost, I guess.
Can’t imagine there was a time when I hated the simplicity of that place. Life has come a full circle now.


Comments on: ">Home, sweet home" (2)

  1. >Long time; no see. How is little darling.You are absolutely right. It is only when things are gone or difficult to get, we realize their value and how important they were to us.A few days back, I had posted a picture of my home–the place where I grew up. I have not gone there after my accident, more than 13 years now. Still I can remember each every corner of that place.

  2. >I know. Been shuttling between Thrissur and Kochi for the past few weeks.Little one is absolutely fine, doesn’t give me too many sleepless nights :-)Yeah, I saw the picture. Actually, it looks somewhat familiar. Where is it?

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