Random musings of a wandering soul

>Simple Things

>warm clothes dried in the sun after days of rain…

a couple of hours sleep when i feel like it…

watching rain blowing away in the wind….

listening to my son’s tales after school…

a dish well turned out and relished by my loved ones…

watching harry potter movies….

the radiant smile on my baby’s face as she wakes up in the morning…

just lazing around now and then…

seemingly simple things, yet words are not enough to describe the joy it gives….


Comments on: ">Simple Things" (5)

  1. >its truw that happiness is received from simple pleasures of life..goodthat u are enjoying some of them..bs

  2. >You could add “These are a few of my favorite things…”Well written, yes, many a time, simple things can bring more joy and happiness than expensive gifts or things.So how is the baby?

  3. >exactly..u dont have to have a big reasons to be happy…cant agree more with you..

  4. >@beena – very true@alexis – i know. and thanks for asking, naomi is absolutely fine, doesn’t give me too much trouble :-)@hope and love – thanks@mathew – thanks 🙂

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