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>First Tag :-)

>Thank you so much Nancy, for my first ever tag!! I know it’s been delayed, too many things happening in my life 😦

Thinking of 10 things that tax me emotionally has left me totally taxed. Unpleasant memories are such a drain on the mind and heart. Anyway, here goes –

1. Manipulative people who gets things done on the sly and then pretend that they didn’t do anything – I just hate them

2. Unruly kids and parents who behave as though there is nothing unusual about it.

3. Men who still think anything and everything at home is the lady’s duty irrespective of whether they are working or not, tired or not. Forget about lending a helping hand, if things do not go as they want, they raise hell as well.

4. Hypochondriacs

5. People who keep talking about their rights and turn a deaf ear when someone tries to talk to them about their duty.

6. Friends and family who expect you to be there anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.

7. Having to suppress my anger for the sake of domestic peace (grrrrr…)

8. Infidelity. Especially those who think a so called harmless fling is alright. And they say they love and care for their partners and that they cannot live without each other. I can never understand this. If you love and care for someone, how can you do something that will hurt them to the core?

9. People who go overboard with showing off their piousness but are not so saintly inside. Sometimes they honestly think there is nothing wrong in anything they do, the whole fault is with the others.

10. Drivers who go slow on the right lane on highways. If you overtake them, they suddenly wake up and then it is do or die race. If it is a woman who has overtaken them… the less said the better.

The tag now goes to….


Comments on: ">First Tag :-)" (3)

  1. >I think my list will also look the same except for a couple of points. I think I know who you are referring to in #1, dont I?

  2. >on the infidelity one: they even go on to say that they hide their 'innocent' flings from their partners because they care them too much to hurt them by revealing it! 😛

  3. >Oops had forgotten all abt this:-P"Having to suppress my anger for the sake of domestic peace (grrrrr…)"I so empathize with U;-/"People who go overboard with showing off their piousness but are not so saintly inside."I've met my share of them;-/

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