Random musings of a wandering soul


>Another view of the bridge..

A very brave one – right under the bridge….

Alcatraz from golden gate..

Just can’t get over that ocean…

They protest and block roads here too..

and this is what they want…

all set … in case something happens…..

sharing a light moment meanwhile…

watching from above too…

p.s. will be back with more interesting ones in a few days….


Comments on: ">More….." (5)

  1. >Wow nice pics :)And the protests, what makes the difference is that ppl to tackle them r ever-ready to do so :)Nice to c pics capturing the current happenings 🙂

  2. >I love picture posts that share something from real life… you have covered everything, loved the lighter moment – natural …and I can so 'picture' it 🙂

  3. >lovely… a picture can speak a thousand words… and u've framed it so beautifully! 🙂

  4. >Fantastic!!!

  5. >first photo is just 'picture perfect'good stuff-Sneo

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