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>Remembering You


You came home from hostel one weekend and got to know that you are getting engaged the week after..
You had seen him once, and none in his family…
You obeyed your father, no questions asked, came into a house ruled by a strong matriarch..
You were so innocent, you believed everyone and everything…
You went through so much, but was never without a smile on your face..
Your hope was in your kids and when one left, you could never get over it…
You, who hadn’t seen the world wished for your little ones to conquer it…
You, who had never graduated, insisted that your precious ones turn professionals…
You welcomed their friends, boys and girls alike, in a town known for being conservative…
You didn’t stand in the way of the elder one when she wanted to settle first, and got the younger one married off, in a family where it was sacrilege..
You were the one everyone turned to, for everything..
You, the helpless,turned strong when crushed…
You knew what each one of us wanted to say without us uttering a word…
You, who took care of everyone, forgot to take care of yourself…
You left us alone and went off just like that…
You will remain in our hearts for ever….

(Dedicated to all daughters who have their mothers with them – love them all you can, pamper them to the core and be with them whenever you can, while you can. I am thankful that I could before it was too late)

p.s – Entered this for blogadda’s mother’s day contest. Thanks Uma for letting me know about this.

Comments on: ">Remembering You" (13)

  1. >Awesome lovely !!! So deeply touched !!! A mother can make all the difference in the world. :)Please put up your post for the Blogadda's contest – A tribute to your mom !!! Please do it. Its fantastically written. All the very best !!!

  2. >Very touching Bindu … thanks for the msg 🙂 Moms rock 🙂

  3. >nothing to comment 🙂

  4. >A moving one.

  5. >Very nicely written…Mother is the best creation of God! Do we let them know that often, I wonder…Bindu, Here is to all the mothers,you included…

  6. >this post enlivened the wonderful moments of being with mother

  7. >that is so so beautifully woven Bindu ! Touching !! 🙂 God bless your Mom and you 🙂

  8. >So beautifully written Bindu!!!!And loved the dedication!!!!p.s: The figurine in the pic…is it urs??? I remember u saying tht u loved collecting them:-)

  9. >Bindu, well written and so touching! Mothers are precious. Jayadev

  10. >Awesome… that is how I can describe your poem. The words flow smoothly and rhythmically like the water flowing through a brook. And the emotions it conveys touches the heart. It made me sad, happy, passionate, affectionate, grateful, fortunate, etc. all at once.Great poem and straight from the heart. All the very best with the competition.

  11. >Bindu where r u? Been a long time since u posted?

  12. >Helloooo…..dont tell me u've gone on another trip without telling us this time;-o

  13. >Please include sons also in your dedication. Sons love their mothers too :-)Very nice one, Bindu!

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