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Offices working half day or not at all, schools closed, no vehicles on road, millions of eyes glued to their TV set….. all for a cricket match between two countries who has been at loggerheads over anything and everything for years??

And as if that was not enough, two Prime Ministers watching the match in a stadium that can barely hold 30000 people. What diplomatic strides are they trying to match watching a cricket match? If progress was made in bilateral relations between two warring nations if their leaders watched a game together, world would have been rid of wars and fights, hot or cold, so long ago. Just imagine the plight of the security guys and the poor spectators who might have paid through their noses, mouth and whatever to watch a game they are crazy about.

Not to forget the poor poor 22 guys out in the field. What they are playing today is much much more than a mere game of cricket. They will be carrying the weight of their whole nation’s expectations on their shoulders when they walk into the field today.

Is this worth all the noise that has been created? What if India loses? Aren’t we going not just a little but way off overboard?

I say it is an unpardonabe national waste!!

(Now let the brickbats come 🙂 )


Comments on: "Aren’t we going overboard?" (6)

  1. Well, people are going mad over this match….. But one can’t blame them….. It’s India vs Pakistan after all 🙂 😀

  2. No comments 😉

  3. Sports has always been a medium to bring countries together, the best example being olympics.

    Along with so many of us watching the cricket games, probably the terrorists and the soldiers are also watching the matches, and if that keep them away from fighting for at least a short period, that is great! The comraderie shown between the players and the spectators of different countries during such games might also change minds of those ill-doers, at least one of them.

    Yesterday I read that crime rate in the cities have gone down tremendously because people are watching the matches at home.

    All is well as long as people ae happy and entertained 🙂

  4. I still stand by what I said 🙂

  5. Hahahaaaa….u r lucky India won the match and people are feeling magnanimous enoff to ignore ur post 😀

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