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Wonderful Tonight

The family came in when we were half way through our dinner. Husband and wife in their late forties, a teenaged son and another son who was ready to get in to his teens. A weekday evening in Kochi, we were the only ones in the restaurant. Maybe that’s why I started watching them. A typical father and mother talking to their kids, discussing the routine things in life. Very much at ease with each other, they portrayed a typical couple probably after twenty years of their marriage. They sat looking through the menu, passing a comment here and there, admonishing the lively younger one now and then.

The band – a lone guy strumming on his guitar – started playing. Maybe he didn’t feel too enthused with the crowd of just two tables that day. That is when my client suggested let us give some requests. Going over a few old time favorites, finally we selected this beautiful song. The waiter collected the strip of paper from us, the singer took a look at it and started strumming his guitar and I was watching the family. Suddenly their eyes sparkled, they looked at each other and their eyes conveyed a myriad of emotions in a second and they turned their chairs towards the singer and sat engrossed. Slowly I could see their hands entwining each other. The elder son had seen that paper going from our table and gave me a wink when he caught my eye. He knew this song was a special one in his parent’s lives. It was as if the sun had risen in full at their table and took them a long way back . It was wonderful to watch a small spark kindling something much bigger in an instant. The romantic in me chose to believe that we made their night that day.

And here I dedicate this evergreen number to all friends of mine – the romantics, the not so romantics, even the unromantics. You guys out there, serenade us with our favorite songs, all we need is some tender loving care, a walk by the moonlight, a dinner by the light of some candles, a few stars out in the sky… Happy Weekend everyone!


Comments on: "Wonderful Tonight" (17)

  1. sheena john said:

    Bindu, that was really beautiful….. I remember the cheenavala resturaunt , ekm( think its the same u r talking abt ) and that young old man with his own band playing his 3 instruments all by himself and the old melodies which really takes us thru those lanes of life where these melodies have touched us in some or the other moments .!!……….
    Have gone thru few of ur pages……gr8 work.

    sheena john

  2. Wow I am sure you made their evening nigjt next day everything.
    The video beautiful..

    I hope you are having a good weekend mine is going great sad it lasts only two days.

    Lovely post made me smile.

  3. Beautiful Song WL…. So romantic…. Lovely feelings conveyed through simple words πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚
    It is an ever romantic one

  5. hi bindu

    you write so well.going to wait for your first collection of short stories to come out.


  6. Am not able to open the video at office 😦

    You made the day for the couple.

    BTW, I have completed reading all your previous post and now you got to write more often πŸ˜‰
    And this is my new space…

  7. Excellent post and the song you selected is one of my favorites too. How I miss the dinners and the live bands. I have never gone to one in Cochin, but when I was in Pondicherry, I had some favorite spots. Yes, a good song can create the otherwise ordinary meal magical. Take care. Enjoying the rains even though it is taking a toll on my health… “All I needed was the rain…. :-)”

    • Thanks Alexis.
      I was planning to write to you – long time no hear. Hope the rains get over soon for your sake.
      Yes, a good song can change your mood totally any time!

  8. Loved this post!:)

  9. Hate to repeat wht others say but here I must….

    U write really well Bindu.
    Do think about a book!!!!

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