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Do we really care?

A 4 year old getting raped is in itself is hard to digest, so when you come to know that it is a 13 year old boy who did it? That too after molesting her in an unbelievable manner?

Read this story of how a girl who was just stepping into life was molested, killed in the most brutal manner and hidden  in the  cavity of a tree for days


The first thought that came to my mind was how does a 13 year old know all this? What kind of a back ground begets this devil in him? Further news about this says he is into drugs and alcohol – all this even before he is into his teens? When you hear of similar stories, your concern almost naturally tend to move towards the girl. There are talks about teaching her to defend herself, there are demonstrations against lascivious men, but we seldom hear about a story from the other side.

For those of you who can read malayalam, here is the link to a very relevant article by N Susmitha in the malayalam daily Mathrubhumi.

She talks about another 13 year old boy who was held for raping and murdering a 7 year old girl. The crowd that gathered to see him when he was brought to the scene was thirsting for his blood. His life in the juvenile home to which he was remanded was a totally different story. A regular in the library there, he caught everyone’s attention with his poignant short stories and heart wrenching poems. But his guilt, loneliness and despair followed him and he ended his life soon. Abandoned by his parents in childhood, he grew up with whoever took pity on him, and they in turn used him for all possible perversions. The young boy never knew another way of life. How can you really blame him for what he did?  Maybe that was the only way he has known for expressing his anger and frustrations.

Susmitha goes on to say we bring up our girl children in a golden cage, fearing for their safety at each and every corner. Do we give at least half of this consideration to our boy children?  Girls are taught with care about the change in their bodies, what about boys who go through changes themselves? How much attention do we actually give them?

She asks all of us a very relevant and important question – we work hard to make them doctors, engineers, management graduates, don’t we have the responsibility to bring them up as good human beings as well?

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Comments on: "Do we really care?" (13)

  1. YES it is the duty of the parents …

    a few years ago a similar thing happened here in UK .. Two boys of 10 years of age took a a 2 1/2 years old.. CAN YOU BELEIVE this .. the little boy was in a shopping mall with his mother, The two 10 years old took him and no one thought anything .. they took him and did things wich made me CRY and then Killed the little KID..

    it was a horrific news such is what our so called advanced society has become… SAD SAD days we are in and all this advancing bring a lot of BAD things tooo ..

    we have to be so very careful ..

  2. sheena john said:

    “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” -Gloria Steinem
    Thats very true abt the attention we take abt the changes in boys both physically and mentally when compared….

  3. U r so rt abt this! Boys need to be given the same attention and told things too!

  4. Every news like this gives a warning message to us to be extra careful, extra considerate to our kids to make the world a better place for them to live in..

    Kids are kids no matter boy or a gal, they face equal abuse.. They had to be equally educated on these things…

    • And each day gives you some more terrible news.
      All you can do is bring them up well, give them the freedom to talk to you about anything and most important, pray for them.

  5. I read abt it too and was horrified…..I have no words…anything will sound so banal.

  6. Wanderlust.. I don’t know what to say. Rapes are rampant in our country and my heart aches everytime a read about it in the newspaper. But raping a 4 month old. That just leaves me speechless.
    All the teenagers experience a change in their bodies and it is vital that an adult talks to them about it. Otherwise children tend to experiment and such incidents happen.

  7. Very tragic indeed. I don’t know where the society is going. It is really sad and shameful. There is an article about it in MM Gulf Edition by Devi–http://gulf.manoramaonline.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/gulfContentView.do?programId=6893235&channelId=-1073797107&contentId=9566275&tabId=15&BV_ID=@@@

    Hope situation changes and changes fast.

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