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Tight Rope Walking

Three projects at the same time all with a deadline of yesterday. Maid of four years decides to up and quit. Life has become a tight rope walk.My so called friend who always used to say, “you have such an easy life” sure must be quite happy now.

The story is the same whoever you talk to. Everyone seems to be in a mad rush. Alarm rings, you open your eyes and check the time. Sneak in a few minutes when you can, jump up and start running. Nerves fray, tempers rise, heads start throbbing and finally something somewhere snaps. The unlucky one who is in front of you gets the brunt of it. It could happen at home or on office. Unfortunately mostly it is your loved ones that are in the firing line.

Today I decided to sit back and take stock. There are days when I am swamped in work, but I am calm and serene. Then there are days which should be easy, but those turns out to be the worst ones. Am I missing something then? If yes, what?

The day actually starts the previous night. Honestly. That’s my first realization. The nights that I go to bed early, the next mornings are bright and fresh. I wake up and slowly get up. A leisurely stretch, a silent prayer of thanks for the night and for the coming day. Then half an hour of reading. Usually it is the Holy Bible for a few minutes and then a chapter of ‘Change your Thoughts – Change your Life’. My day has begun just right. Kids get woken up pleasantly, husband gets a steaming hot cup of tea with a smile and I am ready for the grind.

Then comes the grumpy ones. The shrill ring of the alarm rudely awakens me, it is a jump out of the bed and then a rush. Oh no, I have too many things to do today and too little time is the first thought that comes to mind. And with that goes all sense of peace and harmony straight out of the window. Kids get a shout that inevitably awakens the better half who gets bitter and woe behold anyone who dares to cross my path. One day like this sets a pattern. Almost invetibaly, the next day and the one after that turns out to be uncannily similar.

It was my five year old daughter who taught me a big lesson on one of those days.

There I am busily grating coconut and the little lady comes in with a smile in her steps. “Amma, will you sing this song with me?”
“Can’t you see I am busy? You need to get ready, I need to go to office”
“But amma, you just need to sing after me”
My voice goes up an octave and then one of those saner thoughts gets the upper hand. She won’t come after me like this for long.
So I sing after her, complete with actions and a shake around. All over in about three minutes.
Then out of the mouths of the babe, “See amma, it just took a few minutes. Why did you get tensed up for this?”

She said that in a very matter of fact way. As if that was the most simple thing in the world and I was a fool not to have known it.

Yes, life indeed seems to be a tight rope walk for many of us, especially mothers. Targets, timelines, emotions, needs and wants,the balance is very fine. One wrong move, before anything else, you could coming tumbling down bringing the rope and whatever it is tied to, down along with you.

So, take a few steps back and get off the rope. Stand still for a moment and look around, open the doors and let the breeze brush your face for a minute, and start walking slowly. That favorite book of yours in your hand can actually prod you in the path that you need to go. Stop in between and take a deep breath now and then. Sing aloud and smile a lot. Watch the stars, hug your kids, kiss your love . All that it takes is a few minutes along the way.

And then you will start seeing that the rope was actually in your mind and that your feet was always on the ground….

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Comments on: "Tight Rope Walking" (14)

  1. I am at my worst self when the day is not planned the previous night. Especially, the menu! I am totally lost and then grumpy if I don’t know what to cook when I wake up. I need to be programmed πŸ™‚
    And, so true about the part that it is the loved ones that bear the brunt all the time.

  2. πŸ™‚ So damn true!
    And being confined to the couch now makes me realize how taking things a little slow does not actually change anything much at all. It’s just okay to sit back and chill!:)

  3. True!! Deadlines have a way of gnawing away at our consciousness –they make us irritable and snappy. Taking mini breaks once in a while not only relieves the tension, it actually even enhances the quality of work done, because we are able to focus better when chilled out. Even two-minute breaks work wonders!!

  4. No wonder it is said “Child is the father of man”. One can learn a lot from the kids. They don’t complicate things. Lovely post. Give my hugs to Naomi.

  5. Can identify so much with this post :-).
    Ur daughter’s name is Naomi……oh I just love that name:-)))))).

  6. You described ‘Tight Rope Walk Walking’ in a very interesting way. And your words “So, take a few steps back and get off the rope. Stand still for a moment and look around, open the doors and let the breeze brush your face for a minute, and start walking slowly” have so much meaning.

    That I feel is the way to ‘regain our balance’ πŸ™‚
    Thanks Bindu

  7. I realized that some time ago only, stopping in between and going slow really does make a lot of difference.

  8. thts beautiful 3 mins πŸ™‚

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