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The Weekend Kitchen

Food – the basic need of any living being. For some it becomes a passion, for a select few it becomes an obsession.

I was always passionate about two things – the written word and food. Slowly both are turning into obsessions…

Even though I have been blogging at https://ruminateatleisure.wordpress.com/ for quite some time, posts about food have been surprisingly  rare.  I am an ardent lurker in many of the exotic food blogs that are spread across the virtual world. Neither family, nor friends had ever associated me with food except for the eating part, I was quite famous for that. My other half was pleasantly shocked that I could churn out a decent meal, he had expected charred or half boiled tasteless  stuff at least in the initial days after the marriage. The interest must have been hibernating somewhere deep inside my genes over the years and off late has started showing…

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