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Oktoberfest ;-)

Now there, don’t you start getting any ideas. No, I am not going to drown myself in mugs or kegs or whatever of beer. This is the kind of fest that takes me on a high, the kind where you need not take even a drop of a liquid to get drunk….

My good friend Corinne of ‘Every Day Gyaan’ linked us to a month long carnival at BlogFEST 2012“27 Days, 27 Hosts, 27 Different Challenges”

You get a prompt from each day’s host in the morning, you just need to write a post on the day’s prompt, link it to the host’s page and to the fest page, you are done!

So here goes today’s prompt by the host of the day

I want you to share a Party Story. Anything goes: costume party, Halloween party, wedding party, family barbeque, Christmas party, bar mitzvah, dinner party, โ€“oh the possibilities are endless!! And Iโ€™m curious to know if you are the life of the party or the one sitting back being entertained??

Party – the word itself scares me, unless I am the one who is hosting it. Animal I may be at times, but definitely not a party animal.I don’t drink, forget about left feet, when it comes to dancing, my feet disappears and even the hands go limp.

The online dictionary defines Party as a ‘social gathering’. As long as it is just a gathering, I am perefctly fine. The moment it starts turning out into a riot with loud music and tapping feet, my heart starts pounding, a feeling of claustrophobia starts smothering me and I just gulp for a breath of fresh air. So, is it any surprise that I can’t think of a party story to even save my life?

Then there are these ‘gatherings’ that I absolutely love. When a few of my old friends get together, we go totally bersek. We can cover more than a movie, lunch, tea and dinner outside and then fit in a play or two , all in a day’s work. That is when I come to life. And oh, how I love to cook for them, spending days in preparation, thinking of each one’s favorite dishes and the hours and hours of gossips that we would go through. That is the kind of party where I am me and totally alive.

To share a story, the one that I remember the most is midnight party that we had in our hostel. Ruled by a strict warden, the lights had to be strictly out at 10.30 in the night. One whole floor sneaked out to the dining hall one night, someone sneaked and locked the warden in her room and then came out all the goodies that we could gather. Someone came up with the idea of dancing to silent music, someone else tripped and fell. Yet another one started laughing which spread like a wildfire and then you can imagine the rest. Suddenly, we could hear a thud thud noise and the clock struck 12 and the bravest of the lot shrieked, “today is Friday the 13th”. Pin drop silence, and you could almost hear the heartbeat of the girl next to you. Everyone was still, till a loud voice screamed, “open the door, you idiots”.

Till today, we do not know who opened the door for our warden finally. All of us were busy pretending to be asleep.

Comments on: "Oktoberfest ;-)" (24)

  1. Oh my goodness!! I bet you all laughed pretty hard about that one the next day!! How fun to dance to silent music…I had to think about it for a minute–but yeah–kinda a beat to your own drum sort of thing!! Still I would have loved to have been there–definitely sounds memorable.

    Thanks so much for kicking off BlogFEST 2012 with us and here is to a great month of Blogging ahead!! Cheers!

  2. Hahaha. I want to know what happened once the warden was released???

  3. That hostel party sounded so much fun !

  4. Fun! And you say you can’t party! Everyone can party if the people are right and if fun is the goal. good job.

  5. todaysworkingwoman said:

    Hahahaha! Good for you and having fun despite the warden!

  6. I like your kind of parties, friends make us want to do special things for them and you are a good friend to yours. I have never lived in a hostel so envy all such tales of mischief and fun, great post.

  7. We must meet – you sound a lot like me, Bindu! I didn’t have the joy of living in a hostel but we used to behave crazy on the few nights of ‘retreat’ we had in college. And your midnight feast brought back many memories of those times!

  8. bigalittleamom said:

    Hostel days are the best!! Such wonderful memories!!

  9. Hahaha! I have never experienced a hostel life, but its when I come across such fun stories like the one you shared that I wish I had!

    That made for a thoroughly enjoyable read Bindu! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow what a fun carnival there ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would enjoy the kind of outings with friends u have mentioned too, any day ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Oh …my! I love that midnight party you have. I would want to have one too ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ha ha ha…thats one awesome party in the dining hall….

    all the very best for oktoberfest ๐Ÿ™‚

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