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Make a Wish

BlogFEST 2012 – Day 3

“To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect”
― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Treegirly has asked us to make a wish today. When you are wishing, why stop at one, right? And I believe Jane Austen is right, so here is a list of my expectations:

1. Be a best selling author
2. Run a coffee cum cake cum book shop – the shop will have brick walls, french windows opening to airy verandas with bougainvillas creeping up and down and going out to a ground full of shady trees, flowering plants and creepers
3. A house on top of a hill overlooking deep blue sea. It should have a reading room, with roof to floor shelves filled with all my favorite books on three sides and the fourth side opening out to a breath taking view of the ocean and the mountains
4. Travel all over the world
5. Retire with loads of money, tomorrow morning

You think it is too much to wish for? But then I am not wishing for it, just expecting it to come my way 🙂

Now, if you ask me about one talent that I would wish for, I would not want any, honestly. I am thankful to God for all that He has provided me with.

But yes, there is one thing that I wish, hope, expect and pray for – for my children to grow up as good human beings and for them to have the talent to make a living out of what they love doing the most. That would be the one wish that I hope the heavens would grant them!


Comments on: "Make a Wish" (26)

  1. Lovely post :):) Am definitely coming over to that coffee shop 😛

  2. Sounds quite lovely to me!

  3. Thats a beautiful list of wishes, Bindu, especially the wish you closed the post with. Amen to that! Hugs! 🙂

  4. Wonderful list ! What more could anyone want !
    Reading this made me realize how all of us wish for much the same things in life 🙂

  5. Nice wishes. Agree with all of them. When I read your second wish, I thought of the Timeless book store in Delhi. If you have not read about it go http://thedelhiwalla.blogspot.in/2009/04/city-landmark-timeless-art-book-studio.html. And for more photos of the shop go http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayankaustensoofi/with/3403920427/#photo_3403920427. I wish all the very best with all your dreams and only thing I ask for is a autographed copy of your bestselling book. 😉

  6. Tht seemed almost like a wish list tht I will hv! Thou I iwll take a hill-station over the beach 😀 Whats the harm is wishing rt 🙂

  7. While I keep eating the awesome cakes which you made at your coffee shop, sitting in your room filled with book shelves, watching the ocean, you better autograph the books you wrote, for me 😛

    I would love to travel the world too…why not make a girls trip ??? 😉

  8. I like your wishes!! Great list 🙂

  9. Amen to those wishes may they all come true…very very soon…

    And I want special price on that coffee cum books and CAKESSSSSSS…

  10. Coffee and books – nothing better! I have dreamed of having a bookstore too. Are you that long lost twin they didn’t tell me about? 😉

  11. That is my only wish …for my children to grow up happily and may their dreams come true … –we are alike in that way …

  12. bigalittleamom said:

    I would visit your coffee shop every day….actually, I might just live in it!! lol!!

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