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Taking Charge

BlogFEST 2012 – Day 4

Can you imagine not having an elder sibling even as a second cousin? When you are young, it is a privilege, but as you grow old, you start feeling the pinch. The expectations from you are very high, you are supposed to set examples for the younger ones, everyone including your grandparents wants your opinion, in short you have to take charge. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

From the time to where my memory can reach back, I was the one in charge. The eldest daughter of parents who were eldest in their families, I am told that I was pampered to the core…for all of one whole year. Then came my sister and it started from then. My parents obviously were in a big hurry, they quickly added two more to the brood.

Who better to start the training than with the lady who used to terrorize a whole village? She was a matriarch in the truest sense of the word. A terminally ill husband, a family that found it difficult to accept her, three small kids, some land and a posse of helpers, that lady took charge and how!
You see, the problem with taking charge all the time is, others come to think that is the only side you have. The occasional vulnerability, the need to lean on to someone now and then, that blissful feeling of another one taking care of your needs , all these might be denied for you most of the time. In fact, people tend to be shocked when they come to know that this hard as nuts lady could actually be as soft as a ball of cotton or a baby’s bottom or whatever.

So, do I enjoy taking charge? Definitely yes…… as long as it is of my life. As for the others, I’d gladly let them take charge or not, of theirs.

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Comments on: "Taking Charge" (13)

  1. What you said about other seeing only your tough side when you take charge is really true. And I really like your philosophy–taking charge of your life and let others take charge of theirs. Also let go of things that you cannot control.

  2. Jo Heroux said:

    Yes, that is the price of being in charge. The payoffs are tremendous in that you do in fact, control your own destiny, but others will see you as completely without need. Only you can decide if that is worth the price…for me, it is.

    Very thought provoking and very well done.

  3. Oh, yes, I agree! When you’re taking charge all the time, people don’t expect anything different or the opposite from you. It’s the same way with about everything.

  4. It is sometimes tough to take charge and be perceived as so strong–you don’t need some support once in awhile. Great post!! Jenn

  5. Oh I have been there, I a the eldest amongst all my cousins and my sister , So I now feel it, they have started hiding things from me now :).. and i dont get to have fun which they still do ..

    and I do feel that when some problems come they all ask me , but who do I ask ..
    I too think that the others got more love and got pampered more than I did

  6. You’re right. Sometimes when you take charge you can be perceived as being hard. I guess you just gotta do what you gotta do. Excellent post!

  7. Hmm the bessing-curse of being the eldest rt. But yea u bang on ofhving the uneviable task of being the role-model for the junta after u!

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