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BlogFEST 2012 – Day 5

Today, Contemporary Romance Writer and Puzzle Maker Toni Lynn Cloutier asks us whether Online Courses are effective. Well, I guess it depends, on the course and more so on the person who is taking it.

I have wanted to take up an online course for years now. The subjects that I have wanted to learn has evolved along with my life. This bug usually bites sometime after the yealy reviews at work. One of the standard feedbacks that I get and give is expanding one’s horizon. The platitudes that are served doesn’t vary much from year to year. What else can you expect when you were talking to almost the same set of people over the years. So, I get on to this meditating session, evaluating my life, thinking of where I want to be five years from then, charting a path and chalking out a plan. The things that I have wanted to take up has varied from Artificial Intelligence to Cyber Security, Child Psychology to International Relations and Montessori Training to Outsourcing Excellence. Need I even say anything more?

It depends a lot on what is it that you are looking for. If it is expanding your knowledge on something that you are already aware of or has some experience in, the avenues are tremendous. On the other hand, if it is an entirely new area, I personally feel it would be good to start off with a face to face course, even a part time or weekend one, and then take it from there. The dedication that is required would be something beyond what a lazy head like me can take upon myself. And it is not for you if you cannot live without the feel and smell of real human beings around you. The online world can be quite lonely.

Then there is the danger of believing whatever these sites tell you, to be the ultimate truth. There was a phase in our life when husband used to be shocked out of his slumber every morning. You see, son is a very obedient boy, he jumps out of the bed as soon as I call him in the morning and literally runs to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Then you see him rushing out at double the speed back to his bed. The volley starts from there, with me starting at a very low octave, the decibel levels ascend from something like the bark of a German Shepherd (no offence meant to the poor animal), finally turning into the trumpet of a mad elephant. Repeated complaints from father and kids and I decided to take charge. The one stop shop for all solutions to your life’s problems, Google gave a very interesting thought on how to make children obey you. “Shouting at your children can mar their emotional equilibrium for life. Next time your child doesn’t obey you, sit on floor with your eyes and the child’e eyes at the same level, hold them firmly by their shoulders and tell them what you want them to do in a gentle, but firm voice”.

Next day morning, there I was kneeling down by the bedside, trying to find son’s shoulders somewhere deep inside the blanket, staring at pair of half closed eyes, talking to him in a stage whisper. The boy sat up bolt upright and started shaking his father awake, “amma is sick, she can’t shout”. And that was the closing line in the chapter of my online course on child psychology.

There is one subject that has been fascinating me specially in the past few months – baking. The amount of information that is available online , the pace at which I can learn, not to mention the pure joy that it gives, makes a whole world of difference. I guess that sums it all up.

picture courtesy: google images


Comments on: "Learn Online?" (13)

  1. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for that lesson on online courses!

  2. Very interesting and nice subtle humour too. My interests also keep evolving in these things, which is why I’ve never been able to decide on an online course:)

  3. Nice post about online learning and it was really funny too. I really like your subtle sense of humor. Yes, cooking is something you can learn online. I always watches cooking videos even though I can eat any of that stuff 😦 But I had taken a few dozens of on-line courses on computing and they were useful. I took them as they were free as part of a membership. If I had to pay for the courses, I would not have done them as they are too expensive; I would better buy a book and study on my own.

    • Even I am not supposed to eat most of the things that I make 😦
      You are right, most of the online courses that I would really like to take up are way too expensive. And for me, the feel of a book in my hand is also important

  4. ahahahhaha!! The poor child was more traumatized at your apparent lack of voice!! πŸ˜€

  5. ‘Amma is sick?’ hahaha πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  6. LOL!!! Amma is sick huh ??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Laughed out loud trying to imagine your son running to the bathroom to brush his teeth, then running at double speed back to his bed πŸ˜€

    Such nice posts, Bindu!! I am loving this blogfest!

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