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First Love

BlogFEST 2012 – Day 10

It is a photo prompt today. Daphne has posted this picture and asked us to weave a story, a poem,a life incident, anything that comes to our mind.

It was just yesterday
That she walked this way
Her auburn hair
Flying high up in the air

Her eyes, he could see
Were like the deep blue sea
The sway of her hip
Made his feet go skip

There was a glow in her face
His heart started a race
Was that look for him?
Or was it just a whim?

All he wanted was to groove
But he couldn’t move
And then she turned around
His head started to pound

A million words in that glance
His soul broke into a dance
The eyes were searching
For another day, it was longing…


Comments on: "First Love" (16)

  1. Beautiful! I almost wrote ‘losing his first love,’ and decided against! Beautiful poem –very romantic!

  2. Brilliant. Really enjoyed it. I am sure that you will achieve your dream of becoming a bestselling author if you put a mind to it 🙂

  3. wow!! That was awesome and it seemed so very natural and free-flowing!! I bet you didn’t need to put too much effort in composing that!

  4. A beautiful poem and lovely words .. simple yet conveying a lot of things

    hope he gets to groove soooon

  5. Nice take on the prompt. Lost love – I wouldn’t have thought of that! 🙂

  6. That was my first thought, he looked so forlorn

  7. ah, sad… but so true, for so many…. first love is a nice buildup to final love… very nice story!

  8. A really fun poem–haven’t we all been there–just unable to move–waiting for it to play out??

    Ahh to be young and pining once again 🙂

    Cheers, Jenn.

  9. i have a sea to cross..
    but let me feel my feet first
    it would be dark, till i reach,
    because i have whales to face
    and i have waves to breach,
    the sand is dusty, path is rusty
    but i and born to win..
    i have a sea to swim..

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