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Three In One

BlogFEST 2012 Days – 7,8 and 9

Caution: Long Post

So I have been burning the midnight oil through the morning, noon and evening,
And tending to my kitchen over the weekend,
So I missed a day or two here
And that is so not going to stop me
So here you get not one, but three, all at once!

Day 7 – The Evil Eye

On Monday, Kel asked us to share some of the superstitions that we have. Going back over the years, I realize that my strict Catholic upbringing has cured me of most of the common superstitions. The nuns in the convent school were very imaginative when it came to the dire consequences that would follow us if we even thought about these evil beliefs that the pagans have. Peer pressure led us to rhyme the ‘One for sorrow, two for joy’ kind of songs and the superstitions started and stopped more or less at that.

But there is one eye that seemed to have follow me though – the evil one. How else do you explain this?

My life is totally dependent on my Woman Friday. She came to us when daughter was a year old, its been almost five years now. I trust her with my life. She cooks well, keeps the house as though it is her own, shouts at the kids like she is their mother. And sometimes I feel she loves them more than me. Ok, the last one may be an exaggeration, but you get the drift, right?

There is this ‘friend’ of mine who is running a small business out of home and moved in near us about three years ago. She drops in now and then. The first five seconds or so go peacefully, then she turns her eyes wistfully towards the kitchen and sighs, “You have such an easy life, she takes care of everything”. “And what is wrong with yours?” I ask. “She doesn’t even have to know where the things in her house are”,she tells our other common friends.To cut a long story short, Suma (that’s what my right hand is named) fell ill. And it was not a small one. She had to go through two major surgeries, was almost given up by all, but she fought and came back.

A string of so called ‘helps’ in and out, those six months were pure torture for me. She came back, not fully her old self. A part time maid was added to reduce her burden. The almost gleeful look in the ‘friend’s’ eyes turned dark again. The barbed comments started again, “Why don’t you send her back? Why do you need two maids? She is taking advantage of you”. I am the sort who initially ignores it if people are nasty. After a couple of times, it is another matter altogether, I can really be meaner than the meanest ones. She was totally undeterred though. After a few months, Suma fell ill again. A break of another three months of torment for me and she is back, she has to go through another surgery, though.

After this, I really feel scared when someone says I have it so easy. People tend to see only what they want to. They have not seen the nights where I used get back home at five in the morning only to get up an hour later to get the kids ready for school. They have no clue about the time I spend making my family’s favorite dishes over the weekends when I should have taken some rest. Mind you, I am not complaining, the pure joy that it gives me cannot be explained in a few words. The point I am trying to make is, words and thoughts of others, do have the power to affect you, until you decide to ward them off.

The term ‘warding off the evil eye’ has a new meaning now. I keep my door closed to unwanted ‘friends’. There is a new and effective excuse ‘working from home’ 🙂

It remains open to my true friends, as always. Do send your prayerful eyes her way, she needs all the luck in the world.

Day 8 – Ruling The World

Jo with the wandering mind asked on Tuesday what if I ruled the world.

The question takes me back to the school days. Every other elocution competition had this ‘What If?’ kind of topics. If I were the Prime Minister, the Education Minister, the King, the Queen and all the synonyms of anyone who could rule someone else. The speeches used to be lofty, whether we actually believed in what we blurted out in front of the judges was another matter altogether. Of all these, this has to be the ultimate one – ‘if I could rule the world?’

John Lennon said it all, much before me 🙂

That is what the world that I rule would be like 🙂

Day 9 – Technology and Travel
Today, Kate asks us to write about how technology has changed travel for us.

Not so many years back, America meant the US and that was somewhere on the other side of the world, Arctic and Antartcia was the top and bottom of a globe in the geography class, Australia was a the biggest continent and country, Africa was dark and scary, Europe was exotic and Machu Pichu, what was that again?

As the world opened its eyes to the young brains of India, for us Indians, it was the beginning of a whole new era. Technology did not just change the way we travelled, it has even changed our lives upside down, in some cases. The enablers are humungous, cheap flight options, places to stay, bookings at the tip of your fingertips, not to mention the lovely and informative blogs that tells us what to do and what not to do. For even the farthest destinations that you can think of, there are people who have been there, done that and ready to share their experiences and tips.

Telephony has allayed the fears of many a mind of an older generation. The uncertainty of hearing from their young ones who had chartered into unknown territories is a story of the past. Earlier, months would pass before they got a letter from their loved ones. And today, everyone is at the other end of just a click of the mouse.

For me, the biggest boon are the passive travels that I do whenever the feeling of getting away from it all hits me. Depending on the mood of the day, I have danced with the whirling dervishes of Turkey, watched the awe inspiring Great Migration of Masai Mara, meditated in the peaceful monasteries of Tibet, gone snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef, thrown tomatoes with abandon at La Tomatina at Bunol, Spain, cruised the Nile at night, started my yearly Lent at The Carnival of Brazil, sipped my glass of Dom Perignon in a French Chateau, trekked the Valley of Flowers every year, in fact I could write a hundred posts on the places that have come to me virtually.

That is technology and travel for me!

(Pictures courtesy – google images)

Comments on: "Three In One" (20)

  1. Wow… that was a massive post. But loved it. Evil eye is definitely there. There are people who has the power to destroy when they something nice about something and the bad part is that they cannot keep quiet. They have to say something and ruin it. My brothers orchid flowers are often victims of this phenomenon. I too have written a lot of what ifs during school. Now my standard reply is that “I will decline the offer.” And virtual travel is something that I also do.

  2. What strike sme most is the evil eye. While I would luv to dust it off as irrelevant, the sheer # of times where I go gaga with frnds or in blog or fb abt some ‘blessing’ if life, the v same eve more often than not that ‘blessing’ backfires!!!

  3. Evil eye can be linked to negative vibes.

  4. Loads of good wishes!

    And so true that about virtual travel.Ages since i have taken a vacation (whatever ‘ages’ means :P) and I am so thankful to be able to virtually take one whenever I feel like 😉

  5. 🙂 I read it all PHEwwwwwwwwwww 🙂 he he he he

    there are all kind of people, good bad evil.. and as you say the evil eye is ttue some people have this in them what they say opposite happens and vice versa..

    the last one on travel oh yes its a bliss indeed go where you want when you want and the new google street actually lets u travel on the ROAD tooo ..

  6. I know I claimed I was not superstitious but this ‘evil eye’ business does seem to make sense to me. I’ve seen it in action. I think it’s intense jealousy that’s directed at someone? I’m sorry to hear about Suma – will certainly be praying for her. I’m glad you got Ms Evil Eye out of your life – the less we have of those people the better!
    Imagine what it would be like if you ruled the world? Compulsory reading and cupcakes! When are you ready to take over?
    I loved the way you handled three prompts in one post and made them so interesting to read. You rock, lady! ♥

  7. What a way to get all three done– the evil eye– I know this one may be more than superstition. I wondered if anyone would use John Lenon’s Imagine for the rule the world prompt–and you did 🙂 . Great take on all three.

    I just wanted to let you know it was Jo @ My Wandering Mind that gave us the prompt on If I Ruled the World.

  8. Some people have such empty lives that they can only envy others’ instead of trying to better themselves!

  9. My sister’s story is almost like urs….she had her WF for more than 5 yrs. The woman was good but I believe my sister & bil really took care of her well. Simply everybody commented on their good luck and then she fell ill, had to be hospitalised & needed months to recuperate. They had to send her away. Now they are struggling :-(.
    Grass is always greener on the other side….,is a fact of life. Most people never see the advantages they have themselves and are always eyeing the others good luck….never seeing that maybe it’s not good luck, its the way they get about doing their things.

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