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Season of Joy

BlogFEST 2012 – Day 11

Autumn is the best time of the year for today’s host Jenny Taylor. What about the rest of us, she asks.

The part of the world that we dwell in, seasons mean two options – rain and shine. Autumn has always been associated with Yash Chopra movies and winter with Christmas cards. The lovely hues of the autumn leaves and the snowy white roads and christmas lights of winter are something that I am yet to see. So let me tell you a story instead.

Come with me to a village that is tucked sleepily away in one corner of the world. A land surrounded by water in all shapes that you could think of, rivers, lakes, canals, ponds, even the sea was not too far away. And there stood an old house with long verandas around, tiled roof, innumerable doors and windows letting the sun in to even the darkest corner. Now imagine a yard with as many mango trees that you could think of, a couple of huge tamarind trees, a jack fruit tree in a corner, a jamun tree in another, even an orange tree in between. Between these trees are patches of vegetables, ginger, turmeric, bitter gourd, snake gourd and lady’s finger. Giving them company are banana leaves swaying rhythmically in the afternoon wind. A hen and her chicks lay resting in the sand after their lunch of worms and some grains. A few ducks splash around in the pond. The calf ran around playfully around its mother. The river flowed serenely in front of the house, seeing and knowing everything.

On an old arm chair on the front veranda sat a young girl, oblivious to what was happening around. She was lost in a faraway world, a world of magic trees and goblins, of boarding schools and midnight feasts, of pixies and fairies, of mysteries and adventures. There was a sudden chill in the air, the slow breeze was gaining strength, the chicks and their mothers started clucking, the leaves on the trees started swaying with a sudden vigor and you could hear the thud of a mango or two dropping down. She looked out on to the river. A drop fell from the sky and formed circles in the water. One more, then another one, each adding their own imprint of love. The faint far away rumble drifted closer and shocked the girl out of her dreams with a sudden jolt of thunder. A streak of light shot out of the dark sky and disappeared into the water.

Drops of water fed on each other and turned into mighty streams that gushed out of the grey clouds. Water emptied itself out into water. The soothing sound of the drizzle turned into a deluge of fury.The sky cried its eyes out onto the roof, emptied itself over the awning, and turned into rivulets over the earth before they finally disappeared somewhere deep inside.After what seemed like ages, the sun pushed its way back slowly through. The clouds had sucked out some of its lustre, though.

The girl sat transfixed as the drama unfolded in front of her. The weather gods were kind, the summer holidays always ended like this. As she grew old, a cup of coffee was added to one hand while the other hand held on tightly to a book, as always.

As she now looks out at an excuse for a rain in the big city, the longing for the lost dreams pulls at her heart. She looks lost as she yearns for the smell of her mother’s coffee, the first drops of rain on the river, the smell of earth after the fresh shower and the busy cackle of those chicks running madly around.

The shrill sound of a horn brings her back to reality with a heavy thud. Did you hear the heavy sigh that escaped her heart?

(Image courtesy – asianwindow.com)


Comments on: "Season of Joy" (23)

  1. Yes, I heard it. I so loved reading this. The picture is imprinted in my mind now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. lovely! your narration is so vivid.

  3. Nice and nostalgic post. I can very well relate to your story as I too had a very similar childhood. Thank you for helping me to take a stroll down memory lane.Have a nice weekend.

  4. K V Rajeev said:

    You must write a novel…….

  5. Tht was such a beautiful description…. So well done tht u really don need a pic to visulaize it ! You know it reminded of this place in “God of small things” where the climax was played out

  6. You have a wonderful way with words–so descriptive–you put me right there. Awesome write ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. what a wonderful image you have painted!! I too so want to live in that place forever!! Is it still there?

  8. Wow! Using words you have depicted what the makers or ‘Bambi’ achieved through pictures and music – I am talking about the rain scene. Awesome!!
    “…she yearns for the smell of her motherโ€™s coffee, the first drops of rain on the river, the smell of earth after the fresh shower..” Oh, that’s about me… *sigh*…..

  9. This is a beautiful post. Wonderfully written. Brought on many sighs of nostalgia of my own.

  10. “She looks lost as she yearns for the smell of her motherโ€™s coffee, the first drops of rain on the river, the smell of earth after the fresh shower and the busy cackle of those chicks running madly around.”

    I just loved this bit…..I actually can smell it….the coffee, earth after rain, from here…now.

    p.s: I came here a few days & saw a bagful of posts that I fell down in shock[seriously u shd have seen how wide my mouth was open :-P]. I went off to recoup and am back ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. […] reminisces of an ordinary day in Autumn or […]

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