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Known as the first Chinese woman to paint in the Western style, Pan Yuliang is best described in the words from the book that is based on her life,

“She is strong, but like bamboo. She’ll bend if the wind forces her to. But she will not break”

Born as Xiuqing, she loses her mother at six and is brought up by her opium addicted uncle. To pay off his debts, little Xiuqing is sold to a brothel when she is barely a teenager. The story then takes us through her days there, her relationship with the top girl, Jinling, and how an upright customs official Pan Zanhua paves the way out for her to her true calling.

The real story starts after Zanhua makes her his second wife. The aimless sketches that she has made from time to time catches the eye of Zanhua and slowly Yuliang realizes the…

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