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“Your kids read?” I can almost see the skeptical wonder in some people’s eyes as they ask me. The next question comes almost automatically, “But how do you make them read? Mine is so addicted to TV and games.“ And I am reminded of what Anne Fadiman mentioned in her book, ‘Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader’

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Parentous  is a meeting place for all who are interested in sharing their thoughts, experiences and opinions on anything and everything related to kids, parents and family. Whether you are a parent or not doesn’t matter. Articles on varied topics are posted every day, contributed by selected writers. You can find my posts there twice a month, starting yesterday and yes, I am super excited 😀


Comments on: "How to Make Them Read and What" (5)

  1. Very interesting post, Bindu. I have always wondered about this. I do want my kids to read, voraciously at that. I am a passionate reader, but the OH is not. He will do anything to wiggle his way out of reading a book. 😀 Fingers crossed.

    Books on beds, on the floor, on bedside tables and dining tables – that does sound a lot like my house! 😀

    • What I have noticed is if one of the parents read and the other is at least neutral, children pick up the habit sooner or later. Giving them a nudge in the right direction speeds up the process, I guess 🙂

  2. Great post! I have seen it too many a times that those kids with parents who read are eventually the ones who do get onto it quicker. Some start late.. watching peers too…

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