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Why Have Them?

A discussion that has been beaten to death, but still springs back to life each time a woman has a baby, “Should she stay at home or go back to work?” My thought here is a little more basic than that. “Why do you have kids?”

Honestly, this is something I had not given much time to earlier. Maybe because having the first kid was something that came along with the package of getting married and having a family. Daughter, who came five years later, was more meditated and decided upon. Why the question now, you ask?

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Comments on: "Why Have Them?" (2)

  1. Good question. I often ask this question to women candidates in corporate interviews. I am happy to share that most responses are positive – get married, have kids and in appropriate time get back to work too. And they are quite convincing too.
    Cheers 🙂

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