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As if we are the Curies…

I am standing in the queue studiously analyzing son’s school report. After the summary for each subject, it is a long story on how intelligent or not he is, how his handwriting has scope for improvement, how he can be a little more outgoing in one class and temper it down in another.

More often than not, the only thing that stays in mind is the summary, unless there is something really bad, which thankfully hasn’t happened yet or something that he is extremely good at, which I get to hear only if I meet his football coach. As I see some ‘very good’, a few ‘good’ and an ‘excellent’ here and there, the temptation to peep into the sheets of paper in the hands of the next parent is is too hard to resist. My God! That kid doesn’t have a single good and only about one ‘very good’. She must be a prodigy! The next train of thought is totally predictable. What will come of our son, if he continues in this vein? Why can’t he be not just the best, but outstanding in whatever he does? The worry lines start furrowing my forehead and the heart beats sound more and more like Colonel Hathi’s march past.

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Comments on: "As if we are the Curies…" (4)

  1. If only the progeny could inherit the opposite traits – mine will definetly be the next Sheldon Cooper!

  2. Nice post as usual. I laughed a lot as I have seen the scene you have described a lot of times. It is the same everywhere. I have seen parents who were in the bottom 5% of their class during their school days shouting at their children for not being the top. It is only counterproductive.

    When we look back most of the class are well placed and positioned irrespective of the marks they got. So let the children live their lives, have limited control, always monitor and interrupt only when it is absolutely required and that to give guidance and an occasional advice, they too will turn out well.

    Excessive control and protection only makes the child weak or rebel. So let them manage their activities and have guidelines to what is allowed and what is not and the children become more responsible.

    Success in life depends on a lot of other factors like EQ, social skills, personality, other that grades in class. So teach the children to be a nice persons first and then a good students and they will be fine.

  3. Absolutely true, Alexis. Most of us were average or little above. In spite of that we seem to have turned out alright. What we really need to focus on how they are growing up as human beings 🙂

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