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NaBloPoMo – sounds like Greek, doesn’t it? It’s even worse, a blog post each day, for 30 days! That too someone as lazy as I am.Β  But before telling you what this is all about, let me go back to a time almost 10 years ago. The daughter was creating havoc inside my tummy. And the doctor said, “lie down, with your feet up.” Literally. A social animal like me, forget about getting out of home, not even out of the bed? No way! That was how I discovered blogging. And the title of my blog was exactly how I felt – wanderlust at home.

It’s not for nothing that someone wise said, ‘birds of the same feather flock together.’ It started with random comments on each other’s blogs, one link pointed to another, and before I knew, I was in the middle of a group of like minded friends. Eagerly we waited, for updates on each other’s posts. It moved on to what was happening in each other’s lives, friends turned into family. And then FB happened, to almost every one of us. The connects became instantaneous, and where we first met slowly started getting pushed into the background. Many of us had met in real life by then. It was easier to connect on Whatsapp and FB.

There was a nagging pang now and then. The forgotten medium, where we all first shared our thoughts called out to us now and then. Our life had become too busy. Work, family, kids, other interests galore. But she kept calling, with love and longing. We continued to postpone, kept on saying, tomorrow. The day after. When we feel deep enough. When there is something to write about. And so it went on. Till the one with the sweet ‘Swaram’ decided to shake us all up. To go back . To bring alive those good old days of fun and frolic.

National Blog Promotion Month – NaBloProMo. A post a day, each day in November. With many of my old friends – Smitha, Deepti, Aswathi, Priya, Uma and many more.

Yes, yes, Swathi. I owe you one, a carrot cake. We need to meet. Can’t thank you enough for this gentle push.

Here’s wishing you all a month of stories, fun, frolic and maybe a meet up or two.


Comments on: "NaBloPoMo a.k.a following my heart" (18)

  1. Never knew the story behind the name and the starting of the blog. πŸ˜€
    And yes! We do need to meet up soon. Ping me and tell me when. πŸ™‚

  2. I had no clue what nablopromo meant.. and good to see a post.

    Lazy yiu say howwwwww you forgotten how lazy I am..


    Those were the good old days mam.. fun times..

    • Bikram, after such a long time!
      Let me make a confession, was in London a few times in the past three months. But I have an excuse, all were official and in week days. Next time, we should meet up.

      • Now that is not good. So what if it’s weekday 😣. . And that too a few times you say. .

        Yes please do let me know. . And defintely meet up..

  3. I’m so glad you are writing as well! I’ve missed your posts πŸ™‚

  4. So happy to see yo are in Bindu πŸ™‚ Waiting to read your posts. And that was a lovely story behind the blog πŸ™‚

  5. I’m coming over to get a slice of that carrot cake πŸ™‚

  6. YAY…good old days of blogging πŸ˜€
    So, it all started with that little lady N huh ?? πŸ˜› I think she’s the best thing that happened to you…daughters…sigh…they’re so wonderful !
    Now that the whole gang is in, I think I’ll be inspired more πŸ˜€

  7. Hahah what a lovely story behind your blog name. Super glad to have you blogging again πŸ™‚

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